Medium Marketing Regulation

The Medium Marketing Regulation is assigned to acts who are fairly progressed in their international career. The act has established a steady following and network abroad. International music professionals are well-informed about the existence and outline of the artist in question, and continue the group’s progress. For most artists, this presents another leap to garner a bigger audience. This requires more serious investments. The Medium Marketing Regulation applies to artists in this stage of advancement.

Realistic plans over the course of one year fall under a budget (maximum) of 15.000 euros (and a personal investment indicative of that amount). These plans, once all the aforementioned criteria are met, can be submitted below. 

It entails requests for marketing and promotional investments. For example: hiring a communication/PR bureau, campaign expenses, advert costs, promo-material.

Note: Tour expenses and musical/artistic expenses (recordings, vinyl/cd pressings, videos, artwork, stage props, tech crew) are not covered.

You’ll get confirmation of this regulation within six weeks.

Payment for this sum will happen in two phases: 50% paid in advance and 50% paid after confirmation and approval of the settlement.

Filling in the survey – with questions regarding results and income – is a vital part of the round.






The small marketing regulation applies to artists/bands/musicians who:

  1. Can be categorized under the genre of either pop music, urban, rock, dance and associated sub-genres from either one of these fields. 
  2. Having the Dutch nationality. For bands, a minimum of 50% has to have a Dutch nationality.
  3. Registered to Buma Stemra
  4. Play a repertoire that falls under Dutch copyright for a minimum of 80%. 
  5. Are a legal entity with a Chamber of Commerce registration number.
  6. Are capable of doing a professional administration and accountancy, and therefore being able to present a professional settlement.
  7. Have performed at least 20 times at an established festival, pop music venue or club, (with at least 50% of the festivals and venues being registered to the VNPF).
  8. Have been actively pursuing shows and ventures abroad the past two years. 
  9. Own a professional equipment and promo-material: physical sound carriers and online playlists, videos (online), professional photo shoots, English biography, sufficient online presence, etcetera. 
  10. Have an extensive Dutch network of professional presiding over them: booking agent, manager, label, distributor, publisher, etcetera
  11. Have definite bookings pending at established international venues and festivals.
  12. Can, in specific cases, identify significant interest from different professionals in the international music industry. 
  13. Have a professional game plan ready (a document with a maximum of 10 pages) for the upcoming year, which must be sent along with the registration form. This plan must address the following topics.
    • An elaborate description of the act in question: image, (musical) style, working experience, footnotes etc.
    • The target countries: which international markets does the artist appeal to, and why?
    • A specific argument why the artist in question has a good chance to succeed in said countries.
    • An elaborate description of the envisioned goals, activities and investments in target countries, plus explanatory note. Must include time schedule and roadmap.
    • An overview of envisioned professionals with an international network who can be an instrumental cog to their success.
    • A definite description of the overarching goals that the artist wants to meet. SMART)
    • A specific budget chart (the registration form asks for a general estimate of expense, whereas the plan needs to spell them out accurately.
  14. Is willing to sign a binding contract that asks artists to pay back the 50% advance deposit from the total grant in case the activities/investments lined up haven’t been executed according to plan. Adjustments to registered plans can only be enforced, after notifying Dutch Music Export, preferably in advance. DME will rule whether or not these adjustments will be implemented or not.  



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